Thursday, 16 October 2008

Better Out Than In Part 2 - Welcome Home Babygirl!

Just a quick post to thank everyone for all the good wishes - it is much appreciated!

Babygirl is home now; weighs 5lb 12 oz (2.6kg) and is currently working on growing a second chin. She's currently in her basket next to me, practising what sounds like the final cadenza of her very own Fart Concerto.

She's fractionally more decorous than The Boy though, who now lifts his arse cheeks, lets rip and then shouts " MY BUM" at the top of his voice. I don't know why - I definitely only taught him to say 'Pardon'. Anyway, I digress...

She's home, she's beautiful and I'm so grateful just to have her here that I don't even mind the sleepless nights so much this time round. It just feels so reassuringly normal.


Gypsy said...

What an amazing coincidence! I was just thinking about you a couple of days ago and was wondering how you and your little family were going.

I am so happy to hear that your baby girl is now home where she belongs. You must be SO relieved. Wonderful news....

Ms Robinson said...

I am so happy for's been a long wait and I'm just glad all is well.

curvesnangles said...

Greetings, Melissaria-now-Mum-of-2 primary-school-ers!

I just found your "No, It's Not Just You..." blog, via a a GoogleSearch for this guy:

My wish for you is that all is well with you and yours, and my selfish hope is that you come back here, or 'follow me home', so I can read more of your interesting writing!

Bright Blessings ~ Karen J